Apple Fair Isle/Intarsia/Duplicate Stitch Charts

Apple Fair Isle motif on a Georgie Hallam's Milo

I’m kind of obsessed with fair isle and duplicate stitch. And the whole latest craze for hexapuffs has been igniting my imagination even more for designing cute little knit and crochet-able motifs. SO! My first toe-dip in and I decided to do a little series of fair isle apples on a baby vest.

Apple Fair Isle motif on a Georgie Hallam's Milo
Apple Fair Isle Motif, knit with my dk hand-dyes, in a Milo

Seriously there’s SO MANY CHILDREN being born/expected in my friends circle at the moment its overwhelming! I figured apples were suitably unisex so this was a good way to get started on the backlog of baby items I want to make AND be useful without being ‘on purpose’ specifically for a specific child. πŸ˜€

Plus it was a good excuse to use a few of my own hand-dyed yarns. I LOVE the semi-solid yellow, and I have to admit I wasn’t a HUGE fan of the red in the skein, but knitted up I REALLY changed my mind. Om nom nom. Now I want to eat an apple. Lawds can’t you just feel that wonderful juicy crunch in your mouth right now? UNF! NEED FRUIT!

Apple Fair Isle Baby Vest, on a Georgie Hallam's Milo
The front (or maybe back! xD) of my 'Bobbing for Apples,' an Apple Fair Isle Baby Vest on a Georgia Hallam's Milo

So anyway, TO THE CHARTS! You can download the fair isle chart & the hexapuffs in a printable pdf ([download id=”6″]), otherwise check out the jpgs of just the hexapuffs:

Download Pattern: [download id=”6″]
Ravelry Pattern Information Page: vintagenettles pattern: Apple Fair Isle/Duplicate Stitch Charts

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5 thoughts on “Apple Fair Isle/Intarsia/Duplicate Stitch Charts

  1. Jen

    this is totally awesome!


    1. vintagenettles



  2. essie

    omg, nett, sajee and i are sitting here with bloody stumps for necks because both our heads just simultaneously exploded with the awesomeness of this. i can’t even.


    1. vintagenettles

      That’s an incredibly vivid description of glee! xD I SHALL MAKE A NOTE! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


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