Get Christmasing! Or How to Proclaim your Yarn Dependance throughout the Giving Season…

Life Through the Lens: Christmas Yarn Ball Wreath


I saw a yarn ball wreath last year and SO wanted to make one, but we weren’t going to be around for Christmas so I figured to hold off on the COATING OUR HOUSE WITH REINDEER, SHINIES and YARN!DEPENDENCY. Which was pretty valid, I thought, since we’d have to set it up, not enjoy it on ‘Give-stuff-to-people-you-love-and-eat-ALL-OF-THE-FOOD Day’ and then spend a whole day cleaning it all up.

So today when I saw a tutorial for how to make one of these, I squealed with delight (freaking out my cat who was busy protecting us from the horror which is our backyard. No seriously, its dark out there, and the grass is over a foot tall. WHO KNOWS WHAT COULD BE LURKING OUT THERE!?  Bunnies! The Passionfruit vine that WILL NOT STOP! That cute dog from the war veteran widows’ cottages…).


Want to make your own? Hit up Kristi @ life through the lens’s  yarn ball & ornament wreath tutorial. 😀

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