Angel Food Cake Amigurumi

Angel Food Cake Amigurumi Openable Container Plush Toy

Angel Food Cake Amigurumi Openable Container Plush Toy. Photography by Gianna Grbich, 2011.

Last December I published this amigurumi pattern for an angel food cake that I designed in October. Time kind of got away from me and so I’m only NOW posting about it. BAD NETT! No cookie. Or I guess, no Angel Food Cake in this case. Which is a bummer, I could REALLY do with some cake… ^_^;; xD xD Oh pregnancy! 😉 xD

The pattern is for two versions of the cake, one a solid plush toy – yay toy food! I love toy food for kids imaginative play – and the other for an openable container with a starched base for stability.

Angel Food Cake Amigurumi Openable Container Plush Toy

Hide things in cake! And not just metal files or saws. 😉 HUZZAH!

The original that I designed was openable, because I designed it to give to a close friend as a birthday gift. She suffers from a chronic condition which effects her digestive system and as such she couldn’t have a birthday cake for her 30th birthday. THAT WAS NOT ACCEPTABLE, Y/Y?!

So I crocheted this for her and filled it with tissue paper and earrings I’d bought for her on our trip to the Gold Coast.  The photos in this post are hers.

Thoroughly tested, the pattern ALSO includes hints, tips and a few extra fruit instructions on how to make this into lots of DIFFERENT types of cake.

Hope you all have fun with it!

Download Pattern: [download id=”7″]
Download Pattern via Ravelry: Angel Food Cake Amigurumi PDF Download
Ravelry Pattern Information Page: vintagenettles free pattern: Amigurumi Angel Food Cake

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4 thoughts on “Angel Food Cake Amigurumi

  1. Emilia Sellaro

    Hey dudes this is awesome


  2. Trice

    Amazing! I want to make this! My mom always made me an angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries for my birthday. My total fave. Thanks so much for this pattern. (Big smiles)


  3. Rachel

    Love it! I’d like to include this in a crocheted cake round up post on my blog. May I have your permission to include a picture and link back? Thanks so much!


  4. Kylie

    Oh my goodness this is so adorable.


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