They are among the easiest perennials to grow from seeds. Variation In Leaf Photosynthesis Among Wild Species In Genus Oryza And Among The Progeny Of Selected Crosses Of The Wild Species With A Rice Cultivar. Maintaining Yield / Reducing Nitrogen Losses In Water: A Sustainable Solution For Sugarcane Production Systems, Water Use And Water Use Efficiency Of Wheat Under A Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) Experiment, Subsoil Manuring On Problem Clay Soils: Increasing Crop Yields To The Next Level, Summer Fallow Management In 2010 Across Central West NSW, Waterlogging, Anoxia And Wheat Growth In Surface Irrigated Soils, Does Control Of Summer Fallow Weeds Improve Whole Farm Productivity In Both Mediterranean And Temperate Environments? Successful Integration Of Soil Nutrient Testing And Regional Acidity Monitoring Highlights The Opportunities For Soil Condition Assessment And Natural Resource Management, Soil Compaction Is A Major Issue Operating Against The Development Of Sustainable Sugarcane Cropping Systems, Simulating Seasonal Response Of Wheat Yield To Subsoil Amelioration In The Victorian Mallee And Wimmera. Integrating Software Tools And Seasonal Climate Outlooks To Optimise Wheat Gross Margin Profits At Merredin, Western Australia. Identifying A Non Destructive Technique To Assess Nematode Tolerance In Wheat Variety Trials. Can Large Kernel Size Increase Grain Yield In Sorghum? An Evaluation Of Tropical Pasture Legumes On Gidgee Soils In The Semi Arid Tropics, Growth And Water Use Of Perennial Ryegrass And Lucerne In Summer. 7, Analysis For Optimal Water Use In Grain Cropping Systems Of North Eastern Australia 8, Agricultural Land Capability Assessment Using An Expert System 9, The Nature And Agronomic Implications Of A Juvenile Stage In Barley 1, No Tillage Wheat Production In Northern NSW 2, Effects Of Surface Soil Mixing After Long Term Disc, Blade And Zero Tillage On Sorghum Production In Central Queensland 3, Soil Conservation In The Paddock Keeping A Full Plate Into The Future Effects Of Farming Practices On Red Soils In Central West NSW. For Australian Farming Systems, Productivity Improvement In Upland Rice Through The Inclusion Of Legumes, In The Far Western Mid Hill Areas Of Nepal. Practical Experiences With No Tillage Farming On Dryland And Irrigated Crop Production At Moree, NSW, Better Lupin Husbandry In Southern New South Wales, Tillage Systems Yield Interactions With Previous History, Effect Of Direct Drilling Techniques On Seedling Environment And Growth Response, The Performance Of Cereals, Grain Legumes And Rapeseed On Stubble Versus Fallow In The Wimmera, Direct Drilling In Southern New South Wales: A Means Of Increasing Productivity, A Comparison Of Seedbed Preparation Methods For Wheat Production, The Effect Of Fallow Length And Cultivation Method On Crop Development And Yield, Tillage Systems For Continuous Cropping In South Australia, No Till Wheat Feasibility In Southern Queensland, Survey Observations On Lupin Seed Quality, The Effect Of Seeding Time And Density On Lupin Growth And Yield, The Yield Potential Of New Oilseed Rape Cultivars In Tasmania, Yield Compensation In Safflower Following Hand Pruning To Simulate Frost Damage, A Self Propelled Windrower For Trial Plots, Differential Varietal Tolerance Of Wheat Cultivars To Herbicides. The Effect Seed Source, Size And Frost Damage On Emergence And Grain Yield In Field Pea (Pisum Sativum) Cv. Soil Test Values And Nutrient Balances From A Long Term Fertilizer Experiment. Soak the lupin seeds for 24 hours in cold water or nick the outer seed coat with a knife to promote even germination. If you live in a cold climate, it . ), RAPD And Isozyme Markers For Genetic Diversity And Their Correlation With Heterosis In Rice (Oryza Sativa L), Simulation Of Positive Assortative Mating For Inbred Line Development Using QU GENE, Combining Ability For Some Quantitative Characters In Hexaploid Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L. Em. Correction, Effects Of Applying Sulfur To Sulfur Deficient Linseed And Rapeseed, Response Of Wheat To Foliar Applied Copper On Five Hamilton Soil Types. Some Factors Influencing Yield Accumulation In Pigeonpea, Developmental Attributes Of Fababeans For Northern New South Wales, Narbon Bean ( Vicia Narbonensis) A Potential Grain Legume For The Victorian Mallee, The Performance Of Lupins On The Alkaline Grey Clays Of The Wimmera Region Of Victoria, Some Preliminary Results On The Response Of Field Grown Lupins, During A Period Of Soil Water Depletion, Intercropping Of Cassava With Different Soybean Varieties, Drought Adaptation Studies On Soybeans In The Murrumbidgee Valley, An Ideotype For Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum L.) In A Dry Mediterranean Environment, The Performance Of A Guar Triticale Rotation On Deep Siliceous Sands In South East Queensland, Breeding For Weather Resistance In Mungbean, Plant Spacing Research In Onions And Its Commercial Significance, A Comparison Of Brassica Forage Crops With Oats, Evaluation Of Chinoli Rapeseed (brassica Campestris). Decision Support Systems For Farm Management: A Theoretical Framework From The Sociology Of Science And Technology. THE EFFECT OF GOAT MANURE AND SOIL MOISTURE CONTENT ON TILLER NUMBER AND LEAF YIELD OF BRACHIARIA DECUMBENS OVER THREE GROWTH CYCLES, TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OF EARLY SEEDING TECHNIQUESIN LOW RAINFALL CROPPING ENVIRONMENTS, Development And Application Of Improved Selection Methods To Produce New Crops, IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM FOR THE MILLET/PANICUM INDUSTRY, CONTROL OF TAKE ALL OF WHEAT WITH CHLORIDE, BREAK CROPS, FUNGICIDE, FUMIGATION AND MICRO ORGANISMS, THE EFFECTS OF A SULPHONYLUREA HERBICIDE ON ANNUAL MEDIC IN ALKALINE SOIL, TOWARDS GENETIC MODIFICATION OF RUMEN BACTERIA FOR IMPROVED PASTURE FIBRE DIGESTION, FORWARD ESTIMATES OF BARLEY PRODUCTION A FEASIBILITY STUDY, PASTURE STRATEGIES AND FERTILIZER TACTICS IN CEREAL PASTURE FARMING REWARDS AND RISKS, ON FARM AND COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES TO SUPPRESS MOUSE PLAGUES, Productive Cropping Systems With High Water Use, PASTURE CLEANING INCREASES CLOVER CONTENT OF SPRING PASTURE, ECONOMIC EVALUATION OF NITROGEN FERTILISER ON OATS. United States Flowers: List Of American State Flowers, Desert Lupine Plant Care - How To Grow Desert Lupine Plants, Bigleaf Lupine Care: What Is A Bigleaf Lupine Plant, How To Make Raisins From Homegrown Grapes, Growing Fruit Trees in Montana And The Northern Rockies. Expanded Row Configuration Options For Australian Rain Fed Cotton, Assessment Of The Degree Of Impact Of Factors Affecting Micronaire In Cotton. In Northern New South Wales, Companion Legume Species Maximise Productivity Of Chicory (Cichoruim Intybus), Success Of Perennial Pasture Establishment At Different Sowing Times And Under A Cover Crop In The Mixed Farming Zone, Summer Sowing: A New Alternative Technique To Introduce Annual Pasture Legumes Into Mixed Farming Systems, Novel Cocksfoots For SE Australia Establishment And Production, A Survey Of Land Use And Management, North West Slopes Of New South Wales, The Germination, Passage And Viability Of Desmanthus Virgatus (L.) Willenow Seed Through Sheep And Its Implication For Dispersal In Tropical Rangelands. Effect Of Timing And Intensity Of Drought On The Seed Yield Of White Clover (Trifolium Repens L.). Yield Response Of Kabuli And Desi Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum L.) Genotypes To Row Spacing In Southern Australia, Variation In The Response Of Canola Cultivars To Changes In Row Spacing, Agro Physiological Traits And Dry Matter Accumulation Of Corn Grown Under Varying Row And Plant Spacing, Patterns Of Dry Matter Accumulation And Grain Yield Of Three Corn Hybrids Under Varying Planting Density/row Spacings, Farmer Perspectives Of Precision Agriculture In Western Australia: Issues And The Way Forward, Assessing The Whole Farm Benefits Of Controlled Traffic Technology, Matching Inputs To Soil Potential In Low Rainfall Cereal Systems Of The Upper Eyre Peninsula, Precision Agriculture For Pasture, Rangeland And Livestock Systems. These grey aphids can form large colonies and gradually weaken the plant. A Comparison Of Four Farming Systems In Central Western NSW, Fertiliser Inputs For Maximum Yield And Quality Of Gairdner Barley, Within Field Protein Variation In The Northern Grains Region, Evaluation Of A New Class Of Fungicides On Grain Yield In Wheat And Barley, Simulating Dynamics Of Allelochemical Production From Living Plants, Grain Grower Perceptions Of The Economic Value And Longevity Of Glyphosate. Light Requirements. Water Use Efficiency Of Non Irrigated Field Crops, Effects Of Deep Ripping On Cropping Soils And Crop Production, Opportunities For Improving Crop Yields Through Research A Physiological Perspective, 1. Theme 3. Options For Root Zone Drainage In High Rainfall Areas. A Simulation Analysis, Utilising Soil Water Sensing And Modelling To Guide Grower Decision Making In Dryland Cropping Systems A Case Study, Soil Water Express A System To Generate Approximate Soil Water Characterisations And Current Soil Water Estimates From Minimal Input Data. Evaluating Wheat And Rapeseed Genotypes In Relation To Environment, Phosphorus Utilization In Contrasting Pasture Legumes, Overcoming Agronomic Shortcomings Of "opaque 2" Maize By Selection For Genetic Modifiers, Cassava Cultivar Evaluation In South East Queensland, Transference Of Sorghum Midge Resistance In To Agronomically Acceptable Lines, Performance Of Four Lupin Species In Central Queensland. Optimum Plant Densities For Faba Bean Cv Fiesta VF Sown On Raised Beds, The Effect Of Sowing Date On Yield Of Different Lentil Types, Turnip Dry Matter Yield And Water Use Efficiency Under Different Irrigation Regimes In Western Victoria, Limits To Achieving Potential Yield Of Canola In Southern NSW, Legume Shoot And Root N Accumulation Under Water Stress, Genotype X Environment Interaction On Seed Yield Of Indian Mustard (Brassica Juncea L.) And Canola (Brassica Napus L.) In A Mediterranean Type Environment Of South Western Australia, Effects Of Water Stress On Water Relations And Yield Of Indian Mustard (Brassica Juncea L.) And Canola (Brassica Napus L.), Control Of Ascochyta Blight In Chickpeas Using Resistant Varieties And Foliar Fungicides, Development Of A Soil Assay For Screening Rapeseed (Brassica Napus L.) Resistant To High Manganese, Effect Of Large Seed Size, Post Sowing Compaction And Chemical Seed Dressings On The Survival Of Canola Seedlings In The Presence Of The Earth Mite Damage, Performance Of Brassica Genotypes In Contrasting Environments, Dry Season Irrigated Rice Yield Response To Time Of Sowing In Laos. Once nodulation occurs in acid soils, inoculation will not be required for the next 5 years. Narrow leafed lupins are a grain legume crop for the deep sandy acidic soils of Western Australia. Precision Farming: Challenges And Future Directions, Constructing Useful Information For Farmers The Role Of IT, New Pathways For Delivery In Asian Countries (5ACSC), Extension Policy At The National Level In Asia, Agricultural Extension And The Role Of The Private Sector In Pakistan, Knowledge Sharing And Distance Learning For Sustainable Agriculture In The Asia Pacific Region: The Role Of The Internet, Research Planning Monitoring And Evaluation, Enhancing Accountability And Impacts Of Agricultural Research Systems In Developing Countries, The Role Of Evaluation In Successful Integrated Natural Resource Management, Building Science And Technology Capacity For Agriculture: Implications For Evaluating R&D, Agents For Change Public, Private And NGOs. connecticut assistant attorney general william bumpus,
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