They developed radio carbon dating and its limits as well as the age of the dinos. It wasnt intended to fully document every single point, just to point out some obvious flaws in the theory and point out that the entire thing is a myth and unsubstantiated. I was just talking with a friend the other day about this. Several species of long-necked diplodocus legitimately exist, but that doesn't mean all of them do. In fact, one of the biggest reasons to doubt the theory is that in fact there is no scientific evidence. Genes, Peoples, and Languages. According to The Telegraph, in 1900 the assistant curator of the American Museum of Natural History, Barnum Brown, discovered what would eventually be called T. rex. There has to be a reason we dont know how the ancient Egyptians built such huge megaliths. Reality soon crashed the party, revealing that the "missing link" was a forgery, the result of poor Chinese farmers combining bones of entirely unrelated species together and selling the mess as a new dinosaur. Here are some dinosaurs we once thought existed, but now know to be faker than Jurassic Park. Certainly interesting Ive always believed that some kinds of prehistoric dinosaur existed so many years ago, but now things a looking a little foggy. If millions of years of separation between us and dinosaurs doesn't make figuring them out confusing enough, sometimes mischievous humans make things even harder. The earth has existed for millions of millions of years? Until we find a fully preserved dinosaur embedded in clay or frozen in ice in Antarctica then we will just have to enjoy dinosaurs as weve been told. Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope of Philadelphia. Jesus lived on Earth approximately 2,000 years ago. I looked this topic up because I have always refused to believe in dinosaurs even as a child. Retrieved from Dinosaur National Monument is famous for its remarkable dinosaur quarry. I have grown to be skeptical of what we are presented with as reality. Retrieved from First of all, keep in mind that it is absolute certain and proven historical fact that Jesus of Nazareth was a real person who lived on Earth. As FiveThirtyEight explains, in the late 1800s a nearly 5-foot dinosaur vertebra was unearthed in CaonCity, Colorado. Jehovah God knows what He created and didnt and when He did so. God created the earth and all things that dwell on it, and that was about 6,000 years ago. (n.d.). Me personally I believe dinosaurs were made up to achieve an illusion to keep the lies going. Even some species of whales were once hunted to the point of extinction, and possibly some were made extinct. The armor-plated destroyer never existed, and this one meat-eater now had two names. Dragons do not count as dinosaur mythology. What about Sue the T-rex skeleton that is purportedly 90% complete and the actual fossils of which are on display in a museum, including a skull complete with earbones? Good article and I too hate when things are claimed like its fact when its really just an opinion with a title tagged onto it which gives it any more credibility than if it were a nobody claiming something beyond doubt despite not having any real grasp on how things have always been. If they werent real then who made this up and why? Journal of Zoology, London (A) 207: 53-61. They like to have something to look at that makes them believe the Earth is millions of years old. But my argument with my friend I said well if there were so many dinosaurs and they lived for soo long here. Thus many larger species may have only lasted a few thousand years. 1. What about some dinosaurs like Atlascopcosaurus (named after Atlas Copco Co.),Drinker (named after Edward Drinker Coppe) and Othnielia (named after Othniel Marsh)? His "no dinosaur skeleton has ever been found" is completely erroneous. Take a look at this: Looks convincing, eh? I KNOW internally that it is extreme elaboration if not myth entirely. The Bone Wars was the name given to a bitter competition between two paleontologists, Yale's O.C. As Scientific American explains, in 1999 a brand-new dinosaur was supposedly discovered in Liaoning province, China. I always suspected that those creatures never really existed. (2010, September 14). Even reputable publications like the Washington Post declared "Brontosaurus Still Lives," which wasn't just sensationalism it was inaccurate sensationalism. Even many Christians have tried to mix dinosaurs and the bible. Gets a lot of readers though. Well, that really isnt proof of anything because no one receives harsher criticism than flat earthers; does that mean the earth must be flat? Dragons may have existed. Not like a fish into just a different kind of fish. The few that do exist, are not from so-called dinosaurs either. See also:Top 10 Surprising Scientific Facts About Dinosaurs | Ten Truths About Dinosaur Theory That May Surprise You. *clap clap* to you. However, in the early 1900s, the Carnegie Quarry was very active and many dinosaurs were removed, studied, and put . Youve truly convinced me dinosaurs are faked. This soil is typically deposited in waterways, causing siltation and destroying aquatic ecosystems (Rabbit Problems, n.d.). There are some amazing dinos out there, but no dinosaur is more famous and beloved than Tyrannosaurus rex, even though it would likely devour your flesh if you asked for an autograph. And last,what if those few real bones were the bones of the nephilim? (2000). Why exactly dinosaurs and no other animals? The Edmontosaurus hadrosaur, for example, sported a beak that was square and nearly vertical, capable of grabbing far more than just leaves. This video will reveal one of the greatest hoaxes in human history. According to Bob Strauss, a reporter and author that has three books about science and dinosaurs on Thought.Co said a common reason people believe that dinosaurs never existed is because of religion. But it is not true. However, I dont believe that theory much. Bumblebees do not defy the laws of physics. Im not a nay-sayer or anything like that. Cam'ron clarified that he isn't claiming dinosaurs never existed, he simply wants more proof. Lamanna says their mutual dislike, paired with their scientific ambition, led them to race dinosaur names into publication, each trying to outdo the other. However, as I have not studied it deeply, I will not assert whether the moon landing happened or not. A quick google search will give you the answer to this. In biological point of view dinosaurs body does not follow any rules of living organisms, thats why I never believed in dinosaurs, however, all dinosaur movies are my favorite. Apatosaurus (right, opposite a Diplodocus skeleton at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh), is what paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh actually found when he thought he'd discovered the Brontosaurus. But never has any human ever accidentally stumbled upon a dinosaur bone. Ok I read the entire article and read many of the comments. Hi Gemma from Hawaiian Gardens in Los Angeles, thanks for the support. The dinosaur industry should be investigated and questions need to be asked. Anyway, thank you for this well crafted and hard hitting article. if it was a strong argument that it would have gained traction by now. Check out: Bodie Hodge takes issue with this fallacy. But what about the skulls? But wait, you say, what about the museums, all the bones uncovered by archaeologists, and carbon dating? The Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh even topped its Apatosaurus skeleton with the wrong head in 1932. The most crucial dates in modern human evolution are unfortunately beyond the range of the radiocarbon method, which has a limit of about 40,000 years (Cavalli-Sforza, 2000, p. 61). 3. Third, if you believe in Noahs ark, Noah could have taken young dinosaurs on board. However, I have a question about dating. Author reply: credence and again I didnt right a book here, just pointed out some obvious facts. The problem with this great dino hunt is that, since they lived dozens of mega-ennia ago, our perception of them is limited at best, and always changing. You stated it would destroy all life on earth. Thanks to museums, books, and pop culture, dinosaurs remain larger-than-life. This theory would provide an explanation as to why we were told dinosaurs existed as it means we accept that as reality and do not question the past. I do hope your next one tackles the retards who claim the Earth is flat obviously the earth is round. There is extensive evidence to prove that both dinosaurs and fossil fuels are real. It was missing a skull, so in 1883 when Marsh published a reconstruction of his Apatosaurus, Lamanna says he used the head of another dinosaur thought to be a Camarasaurus to complete the skeleton. Read the book, What Does the Bible Really Teach? chapters 3 & 8. Ive always looked for dinosaur fossils, but so far I havent found any. You cant say they were more dangerous because if its all the animals, there were also lions and tigers and polar bears. Not based on the overwhelming scientific evidence. Some feel Cope simply made the animal up in a bid to one-up rival paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh. If there's truly a missing link between dinos and birds, it's unfortunately just that: missing. As explained by the Smithsonian, back when paleontologists first discovered the hadrosaur they were convinced it was an aquatic dinosaur that only ate soft plants. I am on the fence with dinosaurs. 1.7M views 9 years ago A huge triceratops skeleton was found in Wyoming! Consider there was a world war 3 tomorrow and everyone dies except you, me and 100 other lucky people. Cladistics and the Origins of Birds: A Review and Two New Analyses. Ornithological Monographs, 66:1-78. So then all the sea dinosaurs would have also stayed in the water. Several years later, however, Osborn realized he had bungled, and that both dinosaurs were actually the same. Your Favorite Dinosaur Never Even Existed, Says Jurassic World Scientist, 10 Places in America Every Car Lover Must Visit, What to Do When a Piranha Attacks Your Privates, Your Privacy Choices: Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads. They first appeared during the Triassic period, between 243 and 233.23 million years ago, although the exact origin and timing of the evolution of dinosaurs is the subject of active research. I think the whole dinosaur story is a fallacy. That is just the point, Carlos, carbon dating is useless beyond 40k years, so there is not actually any evidence proving the world is any older. Although the mistake was spotted by scientists by 1903, the Brontosaurus lived on, in movies, books and children's imaginations. Awesome article John. Also dont put phrases like except maybe some surviving cave dwellers and deep sea creatures , open the door or close it , dont leave it half open. All radioactive dating works generally the same and none can reliably predict any dates and all have been proven false at some time or another. Today, you dont see any wolves in places where there used to be many; perceived as a threat, they were hunted until every last one was gone. ? There certainly is no scientific evidence for it. (Not that he cared much, having long since died.). By this I mean that there would be particles of dust and other substances of rock going into the atmosphere and then blocking off the sun, thus causing the earth to freeze over and kill all living creatures on earth ? Potassium-40 has a half life of 1.25 billion years, which is why that is used instead for longer periods of time. That Brontosaurus finally met its end in the 1970s when two Carnegie researchers took a second look at the controversy. Dinosaurs probably did exist, but 65-230odd million years ago? Thus, ever since their discovery in the mid-1800s, hadrosaurs have been depicted with big ol' bills. Dinosaurs That May Never Have Actually Existed. But there are also humans riding dinosaurs at the creation museum that's shaped like the ark. Also a few points to consider (read: keep you awake at night): The ocean probably was not as deep as it is today 100 million years ago. Forget Extinct: The Brontosaurus Never Even Existed. The book of Job (KJV Bible) describes behemoth as able to drink up a river and describes its tail as like a cedar (really long and thick, like sauropods). Roy. As National Geographic's senior assistant editor Christopher Sloan put it at the time, "this creature is a true missing link in the complex chain that connects dinosaurs to birds." Dinos are big business, just like dragons. My kids know more dinosaur names now then living animals and I am curious why we still push kids to learn about dinosaurs so much. TRUTH EXPOSED 189,166 views Jan 10, 2012 2.9K Dislike Share Save jpmetz 165K subscribers DINOSAURS NEVER EXISTED THERE IS NO PROOF DONT BELEIVE EVERYTHING YOU HERE OR. That's all he had, but people ran with it. What actual evidence is there that the age of the earth is older than 40k years if carbon dating is meaningless beyond that number of years? This photograph from 1934 shows the Carnegie Museum's Apatosaurus skeleton on the right wearing the wrong skull. There is a reason land animals dont get anywhere near as large as blue whales. The last time I went there, the guide said the bones were all replicas, & the real bones were elsewhere. Who should we believe man or God? p.s. After all, a few fossils and old rocks are science; the picture and behavior models are just fiction. Lyons, Eric. Shortly thereafter, a professor named Xu Xing found an "Archaeoraptor" tail on another dinosaur at a Chinese institute, proving once and for all the dinosaur was literal fake news. Doesnt sounds likely , pretty sure a few have. Maybe. I will get to that in the following top ten list. No grammatical eras and excellent logic. That led me to think if there were so many different dinosaurs living for millions of years on Earth, wouldnt a bone or at least a tooth come up someplace where Id been digging? Was jesus around when dinosaurs were alive? "Brontosaurus means 'thunder lizard,'" he says. Every now and then some of the species cropped up and reached evolutionary apex, and as such destroyed their own environment and starved themselves out. Give me one example of a changing of kinds? Total fiction. The mokele-mbembe is a fun story, but nothing more probably. Everything made so much more sense when we could say, "No, they were just ducks.". (2007). It can do this because it's apparently 35 feet long, amphibious, and carnivorous. Such lies about His creation has gone on for so long that ones would believe the lie more so than the truth Gen 1; Rev 4:11; Rom 1:20; and Psalms 83:18. I wish this theory wasnt taught in schools and to the public because it supports evolution which is a complete fraud and confuses many Christians and even causes them to question the Word of God. What about other methods of dating that are not carbon 14 dating? Even my favorite movie since I was a child is Jurassic Park. Author reply: No they didnt, only dragons and lizards. Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Paleontologist Darren Naish asked when summarizing the dino, "Did [they] help Tethyshadros to bite at specific food items? #9 There would not have been enough food or fresh water for plant-based animals this big to have lived. Me and you have the knowledge we have today regarding microwaves, TVs, How To harness electricity etc but the other 100 people dont (lets say they had Amnesia after the war). You are a talented writer exposing the truth about dinosaurs. The best option is to make replicas of the skeleton so all the museums get one to keep the public happy while the original is kept nice and safe for study. I am unaware of any evidence or reason for absolutely believing dinosaurs ever were alive on earth. Thank you for this article. Nope, this is a total fake. It seems like a big business, as you said. All sea life would be fine except for mammals (which need air). For only $100,000 you can own a very convincing replica of the original replica of a creature that never existed. "It's a big, evocative name, whereas Apatosaurus means 'deceptive lizard.' I havent seen that brought up in the comments and it was conspicuously lacking from your article. Hope it helps! None of the displays had actual bones. The point was that it is not clear and if there really were giant creatures then there would be very clear evidence, not ambiguous speculation. Anderson, J. F., Hall-Martin, A., &Russell, D. A. I've heard that the devil himself put the fossils there to throw us off the truth the dinosaur's never existed. The Great Flood could not have killed the dinosaurs. I might have found a couple of bronze ones in this article but sometimes that better than nothing. Also we are talking about a past the expanse of which we dont know nor are we physicists or mathematicians. How so much pseudoscience is being forced on our kids and if they question it then they not only fail they are ridiculed. Joshua Franzos/Carnegie Museum of Natural History You have advanced the argument against Dinosaurs very convincingly to me at least.
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