Get Christmasing! Or How to Proclaim your Yarn Dependance throughout the Giving Season…

Life Through the Lens: Christmas Yarn Ball Wreath


I saw a yarn ball wreath last year and SO wanted to make one, but we weren’t going to be around for Christmas so I figured to hold off on the COATING OUR HOUSE WITH REINDEER, SHINIES and YARN!DEPENDENCY. Which was pretty valid, I thought, since we’d have to set it up, not enjoy it on ‘Give-stuff-to-people-you-love-and-eat-ALL-OF-THE-FOOD Day’ and then spend a whole day cleaning it all up.

So today when I saw a tutorial for how to make one of these, I squealed with delight (freaking out my cat who was busy protecting us from the horror which is our backyard. No seriously, its dark out there, and the grass is over a foot tall. WHO KNOWS WHAT COULD BE LURKING OUT THERE!? Β Bunnies! The Passionfruit vine that WILL NOT STOP! That cute dog from the war veteran widows’ cottages…).


Want to make your own? Hit up Kristi @Β life through the lens’s Β yarn ball & ornament wreath tutorial. πŸ˜€

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