An oldie but a goodie: Crochet Edging Tutorial

Crochet Like Crazy: Crochet Border Tutorial

Crochet Like Crazy: Crochet Border Tutorial

This tutorial is a few years old, and I found it a few years ago. xD BUT! Its a gorgeous and very easy tutorial so I think it bears repeating.

For some reason I thought I’d already posted it – I have a PERFECT memory of this – but that’s clearly not possible because this blog is only a few months old and this tutorial was posted a LONG time before that… IDK WHAT MY BRAIN IS DOING. Muffin? What are you doing to your mother’s head?

ANYWAY! The tutorial is super comprehensive and VERY beginner friendly if you enjoy sewing (or even if you’re a sewing beginner :D) and want to dip a toe into doing more ‘practical yet pretty’ things with your yarn crafting. GO FORTH, AND EDGE MY PRETTIES!

You Go Girl!: Crochet Like Crazy….

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