Advent Calendar: Late night stocking action

Had a SUPER busies day and so I didn’t start today’s stocking until laaaaaates. And since I was rushed I decided to just finish off the pairs I had. New colour TOMORROW! 😉

So yeah, photo is all OH HAI I AM TAKEN AT NIGHT IN FAKE LIGHTS! Which is a bit… Well, yeah, less than delicious in my book. But I wanted to see this through, and IMMA DO IT!

Or at least not stuff it up in the first week 😉 xD

Stranded In Oz; Natural Cotton, Low Micron Merino, Cashmere, Merino

I DID however get pretty pretty yarns to make things for Muffin from Mel @ Stranded In Oz today out at the Fisherman’s Wharf Markets. I had every intention of just CHECKING out the store and only buying maybe ONE thing. And then there was a bargain bin. And I touched a skein of Cashmere/Merino. And suddenly I have ALL OF THESE THINGS! xD

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