Snuggly Socks from Baby Blueprint Crochet

Advantageous Advent: Baby Stockings for a New Baby

Snuggly Socks from Baby Blueprint Crochet

ITS THE FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS YOU GUYS! 😀 And since its the first of December, and I don’t have anything on my plate at ALLLLLL, no, not even a little bit of it 😉 I decided WHAT BETTER TIME TO START YET ANOTHER PROJECT?! 😀 And the project? One squishy baby stocking a day between now and Christmas day as an Advent Calendar for future Christmases.

“WHO’S future Christmases?” I don’t hear you asking? Why the little foetus’s that I’m currently incubating, THAT’S WHO!

I got this hare-brained scheme this morning to do this, I figured it’d be really lovely to have the baby have a life-long tradition that started while they were starting life. APPARENTLY being all pregnant makes me sentimental like that, who knew? 😉

Merry Christmas, little Muffin!

This time next year this little stocking will hold a gift JUST for you. Since they’ll only be seven months old by then, the stockings’ll probably all be filled with teething rusks… But hey, the gift of gum relief is still a treat and is STILL a gift. 😉