Advent Calendar: SON OF STOCKING I

Advent Stocking Snuggly Socks Day Two

Advent Stocking Snuggly Socks Day Two

DAY TWO! Could actually be daughter of Stocking I. ITS POSSIBLE! Finished early in the afternoon but then, uh, kinda forgot to post it until now – FORTY MINUTES LEFT OF THE DAY! Its still good, right? 😉

WE BOUGHT A NEW CHRISTMAS TREE TODAY! $12! Can you even believe it!? On the 2nd of December – UNHEARD OF! Its actually rocking too, I was dissing it in the car on the way home but I popped it out of the box to set it up and realised that HOT DAMN! Actually good quality tree is actually good quality. For a WHOLE dozen dollars. ITS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

Tomorrow we get our two year old faux-niece to help decorate it in the ~excessively ADVENTUROUS~ colours of gold and red and NOTHING ELSE. LOL WHOOPS! So thought we were a little less bauble racist than that… ^_^;; NEED SOME TEAL ONES TO EVEN IT OUT. T’would be the pretties then, and also match our lounge room. Check us out, so festive all-year-round without anyone noticing. We’re clearly Christmas ninjas.

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